Thursday, July 21, 2016

What I Wore Last Week

I'm a little late getting my 'What I Wore' post up this week. Last weekend, when I would have normally put the post together, we went tent camping. Tent camping with a three year old was such a relaxing experience. 


And then there's the whole not sleeping thing.

Better late than never.....maybe.

So, this is what I wore last week. 


Dress       Tote

Monday I wore this Old Navy striped swing dress I purchased last spring. I love these swing dresses in the winter because they're fun easy tunics to wear with leggings. I was a little uneasy about buying one for the bare legged days of summer because they tend to be a bit short on me even if I order them in Tall. But this striped one seems to be just long enough and the material is kind of heavy and so keeps it weighed down. It's comfy. It's stripes. 


Okay, so Tuesday I was feeling a little snazzy and it's because of this halter top I found at Loft. It appears to be sold out on line, but it may still be on the sale rack in stores. I got so many compliments that day. I just wore it with a really really old pair of J.Crew tan capri pants for a casual summer day, but I think it will make the perfect piece to wear under a suit blazer this fall. 

There was one problem. I can't button it myself. There is one teensy tiny button in the back at the neck.  I can't for the life of me button it. So I just went to work and asked a coworker to button it for me.

I still love the shirt. I just need to put a different type of latch in the back of the neck or something. 


Wedneday I wore a simple and oh so comfortable grey dress shown in an Old Navy haul last year.  This dress is so basic and is still one of my favorites. 


On Thursday, I once again wore an Old Navy dress purchased last year and shown in this post  I always feel so feminine in that dress. Once again, a really nice purchase from Old Navy.


Finally, on Friday I wore an outfit that doesn't seem very special, but was so very very comfortable. I bought this Old Navy Maxi Skirt recent and just wore it with this basic tank (from ThredUp). I was so slow to get on the maxi trend, but now I see why they're comfortable. 

Friday's outfit was an impromptu date night outfit because my husband surprised me with booking a babysitter (otherwise known as grandpa) and taking me to dinner and then the new Ghostbusters movie. Has anyone else seen it? I thought was great, and as much as I loved the entire cast, Chris Hemsworth stole the show. Be sure to stay for the credits for the parts of the cut dance scene.

And then for the weekend, I put on my Keens, went camping with the kiddos and didn't get a lick of sleep. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Searching for Sleep

This photo was taken by my husband. I didn't know he had taken it until I found it downloaded onto our shared drive. I'm glad he hadn't waken me up at the time because it looks as though I'm sleeping. I'm actually sleeping. And this is rare.

The last time I had a good night's sleep, which I define as 5 continuous hours of uninterrupted sleep, was when I was on a work trip back in May. Before that? I can't remember. How tired am I?

So tired that I seriously couldn't care less about the #NSale.

The reason is, as you can see from the picture above, I have two sleeping companions. Every single night, they come to get me. Every. Single. Night. They climb in with me. They kick me. One (who will not be named) peed on me. They hug me. They cuddle up next to me. They try to have deep conversations with me which I'm somewhat attempted to record on my phone....if I just had the energy.

When I had babies, I knew I wouldn't get sleep. I accepted that fact. When they were around 18 months old, I realized that we were all our a respective beds.

But at some point in the last couple of months, things have taken a different turn. Like ants drawn to a picnic, they come searching for me. They find me. They climb in. They fart. They fight. They make a lot of noise. The jab me with elbows, knees and feet. But the part that sucks the most is that they have ways of taking over the entire bed.
I'd like to say that I have perfected the art of sleeping propped on my arm, dangling off the side of my bed and taking up only 3 inches of horizontal mattress space. But no, I have not. Although I'm forced to 'sleep' in that position, I never actually sleep. I may momentarily shut my eyes, but I'm never going into deep REM. And so, like the early days of baby-dom, I'm just getting by, continuously sleep deprived. 

My husband usually comes to bed around 2 in the morning (if you've read anything Grethen Rubin, he's an owl, I'm a lark) and will carry each of them back to their beds. But then, around 3 or 4 or just before my alarm is set to go off at 5, they come back. And it's always to my side, never to his. It's me they reach for and my side of the bed they want. 

The best times are when one of them (usually my son) can't sleep and so tries to engage me in some sort of deep conversation. Lately, it's been something like





A brachiosaurus was an herbivore. He ate plants.





A T. Rex was a carnivore.  He ate meat.

Okay.   Go to sleep. 

I know I know. One day, I will mourn these nights when they reached out for me and needed me and wanted nothing else than to be near me. No, really, I know. I try to remind myself of that as a little hand flails itself into the side of my face or an elbow jabs me in the eye. I know it was my responsibility and therefore my fault that little toenails were not trimmed and I have no one to blame but myself for my leg wounds. I know this. Still. I want to sleep. I just want to sleep.  

But I do the best I can. I find a position. I make do. Soldiers have slept in trenches during continuous ground war. Surely, I can handle just under 80 pounds of my (sometime gaseous) progeny. And so I try. I shut my eyes. I ignore the increasing pain in my right shoulder. I start to drift off. And then,




Do pterodactyls eat fish?

Yes, go to bed.





Were they dinofish or just regular fish?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Weekend Trip To Fairy Forest

We recently took a little weekend adventure and I thought I'd share it. Living so close to the mountains, we try to take a few day trips up there to take advantage of the scenery, clean air, and often slightly cooler temperatures. After I had read about Fairy Forest from blog posts like this one and this one, I knew we needed to pack the car up with some lunches and craft supplies (and fairy wings) and make our way up there. 

Fairy Forest Utah is very close to Mirror Lake, where we have been before. It's about an hour east of Salt Lake City, just a little ways past Park City and a town with some really good ice cream, Kamas, Utah. We'll get back to that ice cream later. Mirror lake is gorgeous and the perfect little hike for those with shorter legs. It's a pretty level with no inclines and is an easy hour long boardwalked stroll around a lake. 

She still asked me to carry her. She always asks me to carry her.

After making our way around, we enjoyed an outdoor lunch and then headed back down to mile marker 17 which was close to the campground my husband and I used to camp out in the pre-kid days.

We're getting ready to do our first overnight camp in a tent with the kids. Lord help me.

I was a little concerned that we wouldn't find the Fairy Forest, but the blog posts linked above gave pretty good directions. One mentioned crossing a dry creek bed.  When we got there, the creek bed was not dry. 

But we made it over the river and through the woods and discovered the forest.

After inspecting the villages laid down by families before us (there were so many and so many unique and artistic ones that wandering around was fun) we settled in by our own shady tree and got to work.

The kids had such a good time. 

Then we got back in the car and drove back to Kamas where I insisted we stop at the Uinta Drive Inn for cones. My husband introduced me to their cones on our first camping trip and now, I can't leave this area without having one. They have four sizes of cones and this is the smallest, which they call "baby."  

So that's just a little peak at what we sometimes do on the weekends. If you're in the Salt Lake City area and are looking for a short easy little day trip, I suggest making a trip around Mirror Lake and then a stop at Fairy Forest. If you're not in our area, try googling "Fairy Forest" where you live. You might be surprised where the fairies have landed.

Monday, July 11, 2016

What I Wore Last Week

And it was another week of mildly inappropriate outfits for the office. What can I say. It's summer. It's hot. No one is seeing me. And, to top it off, boss was out of town. So, I shaved my legs, made good use of my strapless bra and got on with it. 

Monday was a holiday and I didn't take any photos of my outfit, but did get some cute ones of the kiddos.


On Tuesday, I pulled out a simple black sheath dress that I first talked about in this gem of a post from my early blogging days.  The simplicity of this dress pairs well with bright accessories. You can't see it in this photo, but I'm wearing some bright turquoise Kendra Scott Elle earrings. I always like how they look with black. 
Dress     Tote     Phone Case


I've shown the green version of this dress and here is the red version. It's a basic dress from Old Navy and I scored both colors on ThredUp for a steal of a price. 


On Thursday I wore another ThredUp find, this plaid little J. Crew top. I went back and forth on whether to keep it or return it, but ended up keeping it because my husband liked it so much. I thought it looked good with my gold Nickel & Suede earrings.  

Thursday was hot and driving around in the afternoon, I really wanted a mocha frappachinno light. I just did. With two kiddos in the car, I knew I'd have to get them something and so I took a chance on mini strawberries and cream fraps for them. No whip, because you know, we need to keep it semi-healthy.....(written with sarcasm). 

He better watch it. She looks like she's about ready to grab a second frap for herself.
It made for a fun pic, but we are not going to get in the habit of regular Starbucks stops. So far, they haven't asked for another special strawberry shake since. 


Friday I wore this bright pink t-shirt dress I picked up from Old Navy this past spring. It is so plain and so simple, and I just love it. My husband loves it too and said it looked like something from REI (his favorite store for me to shop at). It's a midi-length dress. I'm really considering altering the hemline to hit me right above the knee. I just think it would be a tad more flattering. What do you think?
Dress in another color--may still be in stores
Speaking of hubs, I regularly ask him to upload all of his phone's photos to a shared drive so that I can go through them and save cute photos for the family photo albums (a process I shared in this post). He did this recently and I  found this photo in there.

Either he's got a blog or an Instagram account that I don't know about, or I think he's poking a little fun at me.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Maxi Dress in the Park, With Kids and Bear

I don't usually get dressed up on the weekends. Except for the few times I have a no-kids party to go to or a date night, weekend days and nights are usually spent with the kiddos and I keep things low key and maintenance-free.  

But for a recent trip to the park with the kids on a Saturday night, I pulled out a maxi dress and you know, it actually worked out pretty well.  

Loft dress form last year (this year's version) with pink Nickel & Suede earrings
A friend once described maxi dresses as crotchless yoga pants. I wouldn't go that far. It was hard to get on the teeter totter, but wasn't too bad on the swing.

It did make me feel a little dressed up.

With the rare opportunity to have photos taken of my outfit outside, I thought I'd ask my husband to snap a few pics.

The kiddos weren't about ready to let that happen.

It was all about ring-around-the-bear for them.

And then we went to a Dairy Queen, because my Saturday nights are all glamorous like that.

Maxi dresses and summer nights with the family. I need more of both. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Lots of Old, Something New, Nothing Borrowed, Something Blue

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you're finding an enjoyable way to spend the holiday and the long weekend. We've just planned a weekend at home doing some family stuff and a picnic to watch the fireworks.

It's been a while since I've done one of these outfit recaps. Last week, I not only wore some outfits that I hadn't shown here on the blog, but took the time to snap them in my mirror before running out the door to work. Although I did wear one new outfit, I also wore some items that have been in my closet for years...and I mean YEARS. I've decided I need to wear everything in my closet and if I realize I hate it or it doesn't fit, it needs to either go in the next ThredUp bag (turns out there's now a waitlist for those) or to the donation pile.

So, here we go.


I started out wearing something new. I have been trying to avoid buying new clothes, but Loft has been having some awesome sales and free shipping deals. On Monday, I wore something I got at a steal of a price. 
Loft Top and Pencil Skirt   Bracelet Set      Sandals (Similar Color)     Bag     Phone Case 


Tuesday I wore a dress that was also from The Loft, but it is very very old. I remember wearing it to a party before I met my husband and then again later when I was pregnant with my son. I love red sundresses (I have like five in my closet) and this is probably one of my favorites. This will not be going in the donation pile. 

Very Old Loft Dress (Similar; Similar; Similar)   Old(er) Michael Kors Bag (Version; Cute Bargain Version


Wednesday I wore a skirt that I remember buying when I lived in Dallas, which means I purchased it sometime between 2003 and 2006. It's just a cotton knee length skirt from The Gap with a red paisley print on it. I'm wearing it with a black tank (Old Navy) recently purchased with credit from Thred Up. 
Bag     Very, very old skirt (kind of sort of similar)  Old Navy Tank from ThredUp (current version


Thursday I wore a maxi dress from The Loft, purchased last year. This was the first time I pulled it out this season and I don't know why I haven't reached for it sooner. It is so dang comfortable and makes me feel super tall.

Loft dress (this year's version


Finally, on Friday, I went for the pink with a halter top from (you guessed it) The Loft last year and a fairly old skirt that I got years and years ago at either Title IX or REI when I was going through more of an outdoor sporty girl look (my husband, by the way, LOVES that look).  It's proven to be a versatile piece. In fact, I'm wearing it now as I type of up this blog post with a plaid tank I got in my last ThredUp box. 
Loft Pink Halter Top (Similar; Similar)      Tote
I thought I'd show a more up-close look at my necklace. It was a birthday gift from my husband when we learned we were expecting our second baby, our little girl. I love it. It's silver and I tend to wear a lot of gold earrings and so I'm unsure of whether it clashes too much. If you have similar problems, Gina wrote a great post with tips on how to mix metals with your jewelry.

I've found that wearing these Kendra Scott earrings in the color "Slate" seems to make it easier to blend in silver jewelry with gold metal. 
Earring (Slate)
So that's one of my tricks to mix metals.

The necklace is two parents and two children holding hands. It's so simple and means so much to me. I know he purchased it from a website called Red Envelope that is no longer in existence. 

So that's what I wore last week. And yes, I wore all of this to work. It was very hot last week and I work at a university with a relaxed dress code, especially during the summer when hardly anyone sees me. 

This week is a short one, but I'll try to snap pictures again. Since nobody sees me at work, it's kind of fun to post my outfits here and have my internet friends comment on them. After all, if no one sees your outfit, what's the point? 

The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Thank you for your support.

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